Riley Knight

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Monday-Friday 2:00pm-6:00pm

The Gulf Coast’s resident rock chick has returned to the CPR airwaves.  This feisty female who’s not afraid to tell it like it is, takes you home weekday afternoons from 2pm-6pm. Don’t threaten her with a good time, she’s always looking for an excuse to lighten the mood, pour a drink, and put a smile on your face.  With her love of rock and roll, and an “in your face attitude”….its no surprise that she’s the spunkiest member of the CPR dysfunctional family.
Riley is the pretend co-world air guitar champion alongside Betty the Prize Cow.  When she isn’t hugging trees, frolicking with baby elephants, or saving anorexic penguins, Riley freelances as a holistic massage therapist under the alias “Tinkle Fingers.”  
An accomplished Vanity Author and Singer/Song Reader, Riley has self-published a number of critically acclaimed titles like: “I am a Veggie Cow,” “Who’s Your Irish Daddy,” “From Career To Coloring Books and Back Again,” and “At Least It Wasn’t Your Mom.”  
Riley broadcasts excellence weekday afternoons until she wins Power-ball, at which point she will disappear to Peru and establish a trust fund for her ninja kittens, Bum Doodle and Tutankhamen… because reasons.