C Spire begins rolling out 5G service

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On Friday, C Spire, one of the state’s leading technology companies, began rolling out its new 5G service to Mississippi markets.

Brookhaven and Columbus, which are on somewhat opposite sides of the state, were strategically chosen as the initial 5G markets in Mississippi.

C Spire also announced that it intends for other portions of the state, including the Jackson metro area and the Gulf Coast, will have 5G capability by the end of this calendar year.

“We’re bringing consumers the benefits of new 5G wireless network technology where they need it the most with fast speeds, better service, and an improved experience,” C Spire General Manager Brian Caraway said. “Using a backbone of fiber optic infrastructure, we’re rolling out a better 5G network for now and for the future.”

The 5G implementation is part of a $200 million network enhancement plan that includes the deployment of additional Band 41 carriers with carrier aggregation, increased cell site antenna capacity using advanced features like 12-layer MIMO, 256 QAM modulation for better spectral efficiency, network-wide optimization for balanced data delivery and extensive coverage of 4G LTE Advanced announced earlier this year.

Caraway also stated that C Spire will continue using improvements and enhancements offered from its current 4G LTE advanced technology to ensure that customers have the best network experience possible.

“We’re deploying 5G at a variety of spectrums – so many customers will have a faster experience on a 5G network while others may still see the best performance on our 4G LTE deployments,” Carraway continued. “5G is a new technology that will improve with time, but regardless of where you live, C Spire is dedicated to providing the best network experience for the most customers possible.”

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