Governor Reeves signs executive orders in response to COVID-19

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Monday afternoon, Governor Tate Reeves signed two executive orders responding to the Covid-19 outbreak.

You can view his announcement below.  

The executive orders will:

  • Activate the Mississippi National Guard to support mobile testing units, which Reeves said, they are working to stand up quickly.
  • Instruct agencies to determine which state workers are “essential” and send everyone else home.  Reeves said he hopes private companies will do the same.
  • Ask schools to begin working with the Mississippi Department of Education to develop distance learning protocols.
  • Ask schools to continue providing free and reduced lunches.  Reeves said, “We must look after one another in this trying time.”
  • Provide paid leave for any state and local worker who misses work due to this outbreak.  Reeves said, “We are working with the legislature to make sure it applies to everyone who could qualify. We hope private companies will also follow our example here if they can.”

Reeves said, “The President told us today that workers, businesses, and families affected by the country’s efforts to contain the spread will be taken care of to the best of our ability. I believe he means it, and look forward to working with them to make sure it gets in the right hands.  We will come through this together—stronger.  More updates tomorrow.  Be safe and smart.”


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