Governor Reeves talks COVID-19, stimulus bill

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Governor Tate Reeves joined The Gallo Show on Tuesday morning to talk about the current state of COVID-19 in Mississippi, as well as the unsigned bill that would grant $300 million to the state’s small businesses.

Reeves told Paul Gallo that he believes Mississippi avoided a peak and has instead hit a plateau.

“We never had a peak and I think a big reason for that is the people of Mississippi have actually stepped up, and they’ve done the things we have asked them to do,” Reeves said. “We have been at a bit of a plateau for the last forty days in Mississippi.”

According to Reeves, hospitalization numbers are what should be looked at rather than total case numbers, and the state healthcare system is “still at 15 percent of our overall capacity on ventilators.”

Regarding the $300 million stimulus bill that the Mississippi Legislature approved last week, Reeves said the overall theme is equitable, but his team is still analyzing the bill “as it’s always the case in legislation the devil is in the details.”

“The bill is due tomorrow, and my team is taking a look at it every, single day,” Reeves said. “There are some things that concern us. Now, I want to be clear and fair. When we talk about getting money to our small business owners, the overarching theme of the bill is what we wanted to do from the get-go.”

Yesterday, Reeves cancelled his daily press conference in order to meet with President Donald Trump. However, the first-term governor will be back today at his usual time slot of 2:30 to provide an update to Mississippians.

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