MHP readies for Thanksgiving Holiday Enforcement Period

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The Mississippi Highway Patrol is preparing to protect the state’s roadways this Thanksgiving weekend. 

The MHP will begin its ‘2020 Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Enforcement Period’ tonight at midnight with troopers stationed on all state, federal and interstate systems to combat reckless driving along with speeding and distracted driving.

Safety checkpoints will be conducted throughout the period, which runs through Sunday night, in order to enforce child restraint and seatbelt laws while also removing impaired drivers.

“We are reminded that Thanksgiving 2019 was a particularly deadly travel period and with the approach of Thanksgiving 2020, we are asking all motorists to use good driving habits as we try to reduce fatalities and injuries this year,” Colonel Randy Ginn, Director of MHP, said. “Our goal is for you and your family to safely reach your destination so that you may have a truly Happy Thanksgiving.” 

During the period in 2019, MHP investigated 185 crashes with 10 fatalities and made 95 DUI arrests on state and federal highway systems. 

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