Mississippi Flag Commission narrows list to two with final vote looming

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Just two flag designs remain following Tuesday’s meeting of the Mississippi Flag Commission after the process began with over 3,000 submissions. Today’s meeting sets up a head-to-head matchup between the two proposals seen below.

*Slight changes may be made to the designs after suggestions made during today’s meeting, including the widening of the gold bars on the bottom flag. 

Currently, the Great River Flag (the top picture) is leading the Mississippi Department of Archives and History’s non-binding public poll with 38% of the vote. The Magnolia design has garnered 18%.

Today’s meeting began with the five finalists being flown outside of the Old Mississippi Capitol in Jackson before the commissioners reconvened for further discussion. Here’s a look at the two finalists being flown.

Photo by News Mississippi
Photo by News Mississippi

After hearing vexillologist Clay Moss’ thoughts on each of the five remaining flags, the nine-member commission voted to eliminate two of the designs, including the design showcasing the magnolia tree & the hotly debated design that some argued featured too much of either Alabama or Louisiana — depending on which way the wind was blowing.

At that point, two of the three designs remaining featured the magnolia flower but differed in color. In an effort to provide voters & the commission with a clearer picture heading into next week’s final vote, the design below was eliminated.

The commission will meet next Wednesday (September 2nd) to make their final selection. The proposal will be sent to the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office before being placed onto the November 3rd ballot. If the submission doesn’t receive the majority of the vote, the commission will select a new design.

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