PSC charges nine companies with violating ‘No-Call Law’

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The Mississippi Public Service Commission has announced that nine companies face millions of dollars in fines for allegedly violating the state’s ‘No-Call Law.’

The following nine companies are charged with 574 violations of the law, which prohibits businesses from calling Mississippi residents on the “No Call List.” 

  • Wintek USA, LLC
  • Nthrive Reimbursement Management, LLC
  • MH Sub I, LLC
  • Inside Response LLC
  • Smart Funnel, LLC
  • National Brokers of America, Inc.
  • Citizen’s Disability, LLC
  • Firstsource Solutions USA, LLC
  • Simple SIP Solutions, LLC

According to PSC Chairman Dane Maxwell, the alleged violations could potentially result in fines of up $5,460,000. 

“Robocalls are something we fight everyday here at the PSC,” Maxwell said. “These people are breaking the law and preying on Mississippians, and particularly the most vulnerable. I’m glad to see these penalties assessed and I will continue to combat this problem for our state.” 

Commissioner Brandon Presley stressed that they will continue to crack down on these illegal calls. 

“Our staff is doing everything they can to actively seek out companies and individuals who continue to violate our No-Call law and will continue to do so until these illegal calls stop. Other violators out there should take these fines as a warning sign that we will bring those who violate it to justice. These calls will stop—period.” Presley said.

In a news release, Presley encouraged Mississippians to download the PSC’s smartphone app, which can be found by searching “PSC No-Call” in the iTunes App Store or Google Play. The app allows citizens to immediately report calls to the PSC from their mobile phones. Also, landline phones can be registered at or by calling Commissioner Presley’s office at 1-800-637-7722.

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